• Approach

    CLAC’s approach is characterized by networking and connecting key stakeholders to each other and to resources including written reports, consultants or other experts, and funding. This can also include linking beneficiaries to tools and resources developed specifically for the purposes of building and strengthening community systems with a focus on organizational and technical capacity. We believe that an effective technical support approach is grounded in meaningful engagement, participation and relationships with the individuals, organizations, and communities benefiting from the support, preferably over the long-term.

  • Mission

    CLAC is dedicated to strengthened, meaningfully engaged, well-informed, and equitably resourced communities of people living with HIV, men who have sex with men, injection drug users, sex workers and transgender people working in partnership to advance the health and rights of all people.

  • Values

    CLAC is committed to the provision of technical support that is hands-on, interactive, and occurs in an environment of mutual trust, respect and sharing. Rather than one-off trainings, CLAC seeks ways to reinforce ideas and action by linking them with technical assistance and ongoing mentoring. Opportunities to learn from each other through formal and informal knowledge sharing and joint actions are important ways to recognize and appreciate the unique experiences and expertise of community stakeholders. This is particularly important for people living with HIV, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers and transgender people, for whom human rights are routinely contested.

Strengthening community capacity through the provision of peer-led technical support.