An Overview of Access to Medicines, Briefing Paper #05
An Overview of Access to Medicines: Briefing Paper 05

This briefing paper, "An Overview of Access to Medicines," provides an overview of those trade frameworks and is designed specifically for sex workers and groups who wish to have a basic background in these issues in order to join the global campaign for access to medicines. These trade frameworks impact significantly on both the availability and affordability of treatment for many long-term, chronic conditions, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. This paper lays out the basics of trade-related matters and outlines how they potentially result in the lack of affordable and accessible medicines for people living with HIV. The impact of these trade rules has the potential to be devastating, and although sex workers already share a feeling of being ‘last in line for treatment’ sex workers wish to be included in the fight against trade-related barriers to universal access to health care.

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Media type: Document
Year of publication: 2014
Language: English
Key population: Sex Workers

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