Speaking Out: A Toolkit for MSM-led HIV & AIDS Advocacy
Speaking Out: A Toolkit for MSM-led HIV & AIDS Advocacy

This toolkit was published in 2011 by MSMGF to fulfill a need that exists for men who have sex with men (MSM) everywhere to engage in advocacy locally, nationally, and globally as a means to end the HIV epidemic and to secure fulfilling, meaningful futures. The toolkit is built upon other toolkits, with some key differences:

  1. it is specifically MSM-focused with exercises and ideas that serve as conduits for MSM community energy and contribution;
  2. it believes that organizations can start where they are, and assumes the skill sets and organizational maturity of MSM individuals and groups are wide-ranging and take time to develop; and
  3. it approaches HIV & AIDS from a broad human rights framework, balancing public health and human rights approaches toward addressing MSM community susceptibility to HIV.
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Strengthening community capacity through the provision of peer-led technical support.